The French B2B platform for a circular, anti-waste economy for electronic components.

Our history

EKCESTOCK was born out of a need to solve the problems of supplying manufacturers with electronic components and to promote the circular economy.

In 2022, an industrial crisis affects the global supply of semiconductors. More broadly, it impacts the production of devices equipped with electronic components in all sectors. Despite the slowdown in demand in some markets, the situation is likely to persist, increasing tension on the supply chain.

Paradoxically, however, manufacturers are faced with surplus stocks of new electronic components. These excess inventories are frequently the result of routine company operations: purchasing errors, unsuccessful trials, samples, order cancellations, technological changes, returns, erroneous estimates of demand, or even safety stock to compensate for shortages.

Another problem faced by manufacturers is parts management, due to the very large number of part numbers, which can range from low to very high value. Other tasks, such as searching for equivalents, finding new sources of supply, finding parts that can’t be found with competitors or peers, reselling dormant stock, and globalizing data from various entities, are a real challenge requiring considerable time and energy.

To meet these needs, we’ve come up with a platform that offers an innovative and responsible solution, connecting buyers looking for electronic components with sellers wishing to resell their surplus stock of the same components.

Thanks to this circular approach, electronic components are reintroduced into the economic circuit, avoiding waste and reducing the environmental footprint.

Leila Chaouali

Leïla CHAOUALI, Founder & President.

After graduating from Dauphine with a Master’s degree in International Supply Chain, I pursued a career in the aeronautics, automotive and electronics industries, where I held the positions of Procurement Manager, Supplier Performance Manager and Planning Manager.

With 15 years’ experience in the supply chain and a taste for challenge and entrepreneurship, I set out to create EKCESTOCK with the aim of offering high-value services that meet the needs of manufacturers, while having a positive societal impact for a more sustainable economy.

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